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Success Story – Surphase

We adapted our TOKII platform Surphase´s need incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence for predictive maintenance in water plants. As a prominent IoT sensor manufacturer, Surphase generates a significant volume of data. The project aimed to consolidate this data into a data lake, analyze it to predict maintenance cycles, and offer an intuitive visualization layer.

With this goal in mind, we developed and incorporated machine learning and AI algorithms for predictive maintenance, along with an advanced control panel for Surphase to access all its devices and data from a single interface. Additionally, we designed a simplified app for Surphase’s customers, allowing limited access for tracking their devices.

Through the implementation of the digital twin, Surphase has achieved the ability to anticipate potential plant incidents through real-time sensor monitoring and provide their customers with a more comprehensive service for their devices. This cutting-edge visualization layer enhances user experience while safeguarding Surphase’s predictive model know-how.



Digital Twin with Interactive Simulator to Enhance Plant Efficiency

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Monitoring and predictive maintenance platform for water treatment plants using machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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